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14th September 2009 - Site Modifications

We have made some modifications to our site, most notably the home page and we have changed what we are offering in our Golden Membership advertising package.

20th November 2003 - Changes

From now on points will only be used for advertising, this is to secure the financial future of and so we can keep offering paid E-mails at rock bottom prices.

14th September 2002 - Payments Delayed

Payments this month will be delayed by 7 days. We could not check on user accounts to process payouts because of server timeouts.

13th September 2002 - Idle Users Deleted

Over the past month we have been deleting inactive users. Last month we started deleting accounts that have not tracked paid email links within a 90 day period. We are now starting to delete accounts that have not set their interests or updated their account information. We have warned all members countless times and this is the final warning. Next month we will start deleting accounts that have not tracked paid email clicks for 30 days. Referrers may notice a change in their downline after users have been deleted.

Also the point rate looks set to drop. We sent 4 Share A Sale affiliate program adverts this month and the revenue from that altogether was just over $1. This means that if we base the point value on that one incident, 2,000 points will be worth 5 cents. If we deleted all non participating members, each person would be getting regular Pay Pal payments monthly. Unfortunately things are not that easy as incentive signups are not allowed. If you're interested in a program, please join. 

We have also experienced a high volume of cheaters, located in Korea, and China. If cheating from these areas continues, we will only accept English speaking countries into the program.

9th August 2002 - Points Conversion Change

Last month we announced that the point value would be 5 cents, for 100 points. Unfortunately, some members complained so we are seriously considering about removing the conversion to cash altogether. Remember, points were never intended to be converted to cash, and if this value is going to cause upset, we would rather remove it. The point value has decreased further, making 125 points worth 5 cents. Those who requested conversions have had their points converted at the old value. For those who say it took ages to earn 100 points, we had many paid-to-click items at 1 point per click, earning some members 12 points per day. The values of the points in the paid-to-click area have been changed.

8th August - Redemptions/Unsubscriptions/Support Email

We have been having technical problems with our email, and do not have the emails from the last 7 days. If you contacted us within that time frame, please resend your email to us.


8th August - Gold/Silver Members Read!

This is very important if you have purchased a gold or silver membership from us in the past. We came back online last month, with a completely new system. We need to make sure that each member has had their account upgraded. You need to login to your account, and check the status of your account. Look for "Gold Member Bonus Referrals".  

If this status says "YES" then your account has been upgraded correctly.

If this status says "NO" and you definately did purchase a gold/silver membership from us in the past, you need to mention this in the "" section of the Paradise Hits Forum. We are having problems with our email, so each gold member affected MUST post in our section at

If you bought a silver membership, you will be upgraded to gold free of charge.

If you did not buy any membership package from us, then this does not affect you.

7th August - Cheaters Beware!

We sent out a 100 paid email campaign this week, and were alerted when there were more than 100 clicks. After checking, there was not a problem found with the system, but cheaters were found. These cheaters attempt to change the numbers in our paid email links, getting paid for emails that were NOT sent to them. This is considered cheating, and we set up a traps to catch those cheaters out. Anyone found attempting to get credit for paid emails that they were NOT sent, will be deleted from the program without warning. 

29th July 2002 - Points to Cash redemptions:

has had several requests from certain members, about how much points are worth. At the beginning, we were going to make points redeemable for advertising only, because we had feared that the point rate would be far too low, making members angry.

After further consideration we have decided to pay what you have earned, by handing back the amount of revenue earned from points. If you wish to see the point value rise, members should participate more. We are not going to ask, or enforce further participation, we are leaving this for members to decide.

The current points value right now for 100 points is 5 cents. The point value will be reposted on 29th August.